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Your garage doors do a lot of heavy lifting in a day. This happens because of a quality garage door spring. However, with continuous use, the springs are eventually going to break. In addition, the garage door springs are subject to the most stress, which means it’s the springs that will break down first.

If your garage door spring stops when you open it or if the garage door looks crooked, you may need a professional garage door spring replacement service. It may damage other garage door elements if not done on time and make your garage door fall.

At Kannapolis Garage Doors, we specialize in delivering garage door repair services throughout Kannapolis, NC, and we’re adept at torsion and extension spring replacement. Moreover, we offer 24/7 same-day garage door spring replacement that responds to your requirements.

We understand the urgency of garage door spring replacement, so we arrive at your place immediately to get your garage door back up and running again. Our experts can quickly assess your situation and then provide a comprehensive garage door spring repair estimate.

Thus, don’t do it alone when you need garage door spring repair -call Kannapolis Garage Doors to repair your broken garage door spring in Kannapolis, NC and nearby areas. Contact us at (704) 886-1909 to avail of professional garage door spring replacement services in Kannapolis, NC. We won’t take you much time to replace the broken spring of your garage door.

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Determining the signs of a broken garage door

With a broken garage door spring, you may need to face many challenges like jerky movements when opening and closing the garage door. It might also lead to the complete shutdown of your garage door.

When your garage door springs fail, they offer several signs indicating the need for replacement.

Call Kannapolis Garage Doors immediately when you notice:

  • Separated or tangled garage door spring.
  • The garage door got stuck.
  • Loud bangs or noise that’s audible from outside your garage.
  • The garage door closes too fast.
  • You see your car or property damaged due to spring break.
  • Crooked alignment or jerky movement of the garage door.
garage door spring replacement kannapolis nc

If you notice any of the above signs, you should immediately get in touch with our garage door technician. Also, till the time we arrive at your home or office, you should stop using the garage door.

Garage door springs are under massive amounts of tension. Most homeowners don’t know how these garage doors work and the level of damage a garage door spring can cause. At Kannapolis Garage Doors, we separate you from the danger and deliver you the best garage door spring replacement service.

Each technician of Kannapolis Garage Doors is deeply experienced in repairing broken residential garage door springs and broken garage door springs at commercial properties.

With the right tools and skills, we will replace the garage door springs in no time. To book an appointment, call us today at (704) 886-1909. Our executives will address all your concerns related to garage door springs.

The risk of replacing the garage door springs on your own

When you notice a broken garage door spring, the first thought in your mind will be to replace it on your own. You may go through many online videos and blogs that explain a garage door spring replacement process, but it poses a danger.

In addition, watching someone replacing a broken garage door spring and doing it yourself are two very different things. Also, if you try to replace the broken spring on your own, you are taking risks like:

Chances of serious injuries

A garage door spring holds a lot of tension, and thus, replacing it is dangerous. If not balanced properly, the garage door may also fall and hurt you. 

Damage to the property

If you try to replace the garage door spring without any expertise, the chances are that the spring may break and cause damage to your car and the garage.

Also, it may increase the amount of your total bill. Thus, it is necessary to contact a garage door professional to get the broken garage door spring replaced.

Kannapolis Garage Doors experts will make sure that they safely replace the garage door spring to prevent any accident. Also, our experience helps us to deal with springs easily. To know more about our service, you can give us a call on (704) 886-1909.

The benefits of hiring the professionals of Kannapolis Garage Doors for spring replacement services

When you hire the professionals of Kannapolis Garage Doors for your garage door spring replacement, you are taking steps to keep it in perfect working condition. Replacing the garage door springs is inherently dangerous. However, with a decade of experience in replacing broken garage door springs, our team has the right skills and expertise in getting the garage back to work.

Hiring a Kannapolis Garage Doors technician to fix your broken garage door spring can let you take advantage of various benefits, including:

Safety of you and your property

Garage doors are heavy and cause severe injury if they fall during the repair. In addition, a broken garage door spring can be more hazardous since they are under high tension. Our professionals will make sure that the spring is replaced safely.

We are an experienced garage door company

We have been providing quality garage door spring replacement services since 2010. Also, our technicians keep themselves updated with the latest practices of garage doors to provide you with a closed garage door spring replacement service.

Use of right equipment

Our technicians arrive on time with the right tools and quality springs. By doing so, we work fast while ensuring the appropriate placement of the garage door spring. Also, we use only top-quality garage door springs.

To learn more about our services, reach out to us at (704) 886-1909. We will be at your premises as per appointment time.

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