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Your garage door plays a crucial role in your day-to-day activities, but it’s not something we think about until it stops working. A properly working garage door helps to protect your vehicles and home from intruders and serves as an entryway and exit for daily work. However, a garage door out of its track can become very challenging.

The garage door track keeps the door aligned. Also, it is necessary to guide the garage door into the open and closed position. However, there are many reasons why a garage door can become off track. The most common is your car bumping into the garage door. Also, if the rollers are not working efficiently, they may directly impact the garage door track.

This makes a garage door track replacement the only choice. A garage door track replacement will bring your garage door back to work, making your day-to-day activities easy.

Kannapolis Garage Doors has been a trusted garage door company since 2010. When you contact us, you can rest assured of our efficient garage door track replacement service. We make sure that our quality of new garage door tracks matches our promise of quality. Further, our team is available 24 hours a day, ensuring that you always receive immediate assistance no matter what time you need it.

Learn more about our residential and commercial garage door track replacement services by contacting us today! So give us a call at (704) 886-1909. We will make sure to resolve your garage door track issues efficiently.

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What to do if your garage door is off-track?

When you find your garage door off-track, you may be wondering how to repair it by watching a DIY video. However, repairing a garage door track on your own can cause more harm than good. Also, handling a heavy garage door all alone is near to impossible.

Thus, we always recommend you get professional assistance as soon as you see your garage door off track. Our experts have in-depth knowledge in dealing with an off-track garage door. Also, without a professional repair or replacement, trying it on your own could cause further damage to the garage door system and even your property.

We are just a call away! No matter what time you find your garage door off track, call us immediately to get it back to track. Reach out to us at (704) 886-1909.

garage door track replacement kannapolis nc

How can you prevent your garage door from getting off-track?

Sometimes a garage door comes off track when other parts of the garage door are already damaged. Also, sometimes the garage door getting off-track may not be under your control. Still, you can follow the following steps as a preventive measure:

Pay attention to the changes occurring

Is your garage door operating differently? Or is it making unusual sounds? These odd changes can be a sign that your garage door is starting to come off track.

Schedule periodic maintenance

Regular garage door maintenance helps you to learn about the damaged elements of the garage door. It prevents future uncertainties and accidents from happening.

Kannapolis Garage Doors can help you with regular garage door maintenance. This can not only let you know about the position of your garage door track but all other elements of the garage door system.

No matter where you are located in the Kannapolis, NC area, let us know how to assist you by reaching out to us to schedule a service. Call us at (704) 886-1909.

Responsive garage door track replacement services by Kannapolis Garage Doors

It’s been more than a decade since we first started serving Kannapolis, NC and surrounding areas. Since then, our approach has remained the same: we take care of your garage door service requirements as quickly and professionally as possible.

Here’s a look at what you can expect when you choose Kannapolis Garage Doors:

Same-day track replacement service

We can be at your premises the same day you call. We are readily available any time, any day. That’s just our approach to providing high-quality garage door track replacement service. When you have an urgent garage door track problem, call our 24-hour emergency service for assistance - (704) 886-1909.

Trusted and experienced professionals

A decade is a long time to provide garage door track replacement service in Kannapolis, NC, and we’ve learned a lot through these years of experience. Each of our garage door technicians knows garage doors thoroughly. Each of our professionals reinforces their knowledge by quickly analyzing your garage door track issues and making expert recommendations on the best way to proceed.

We assure affordable pricing system

We provide straightforward estimates with no hidden costs to have a clear picture of what the work entails. Also, our service charges are much lower than other garage door companies in Kannapolis, NC. We make sure to provide quality garage door track replacement service at an affordable price.

Thus, if you search for a trustworthy garage door track replacement provider, look no other than Kannapolis Garage Doors. Contact us today to ask questions pertaining to your garage door track. Call us at (704) 886-1909.

Garage Door Track Replacement Service - Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you provide an emergency garage door track replacement service?

Your garage door is an important element of your house, and this is why we provide an emergency garage door track replacement service. We provide 24/7 emergency service in Kannapolis, NC. All you have to do is give us a call at (704) 886-1909.

How do I know when to replace my garage door track?

When you see your garage door track bent or when your garage door starts coming off the track, you will need a garage door track replacement service. Whatever the problem may be, we can help. Kannapolis Garage Door experts will ensure that you don’t face any issues with your garage door. To book an appointment, give a call at (704) 886-1909.

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